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The letter from the President

On the 16 and 17 th of Feb. at the market " aux puces" at the Domaine de Sautou numerous people replied to the appeal with things to sell and the quality of things was exceptional. Everybody had a good time and we would like to thank all who contributed with goods to sell for the association.

We want to say a big thank you to Jane and Colin whose idea it was and to Malcolm and Valerie who helped the week end along.

We raised more than 1,500 euros which will all go to the children of Mali. We thank everyone and I must not forget the person who made the cakes ( that's you Betty, and Malc had a piece of lemon and almond cake for his tea that he had bought, emptying his pockets to buy a few slices) It contributed to the pleasure and conviviality of the days

Janvier 2013


Message from the President


Dear members and friends,
The war has started. It's very sad to be speaking of war when one would have preferred that it was peace and negotiation which had triumphed. But, could we have done anything else.
What is going on in the north, the violence, mutilations and the enslavement of the population; the violence perpetrated upon children and women was completely unsupportable and unacceptable. It was essential to put an end to all these horrors.
Let us hope that this sad development will lead once again to peace, serenity, work, democracy, and the joy of life which we associate with the Malian people.
We are attaching to these few words, the results from the laboratory at Sangha which we have just received, and which continues to function despite current events, as well as a letter from professor CUIZAT

Jean-Marie NOSAL


Letter from M. Joseph Cuizat

of - BSF sans frontiers

Please find , attached, a message sent to Jean Sémon and myself by Ibrahim, the director of the laboratory at Sangha (Mali) in response to the question I put to him a few days ago concerning the Micro - Centrifuge, which BSF sent to him via Jean-Marie Nosal.
Upon reading this message you will realise that the social and political situation in Mali remains very grave. The views put forward by Ibrahim on this subject are the same as those expressed by Jean-Marie on his return from Bamako.
The record of activity of his laboratory, established by Ibrahim, should, I think, delight us, as the tests carried out have enabled us to give a considerable number of blood transfusions. I would remind you that the principal beneficiaries of these therapeutic actions are very young children suffering from a severe form of malaria.
Once again I would remind you and emphasise that the exemplary and successful partnership established between BSF and the association "Via Sahel Enfants d'Afrique" owes its effectiveness in a variety of areas in no small measure to the dynamism and pragmatism of Jean-Marie

Best wishes,



From the laboratory report.

Please note: I take this opportunity to wish you a good new year for 2013 and hope that God brings us a year of peace health and prosperity and with all the benefits of solidarity and friendship and peace in the world and in particular in Mali. I assure you that all the instruments at the laboratory are working well with the exception of the refrigerator and we are now looking for a solar powered refrigerator. I have received the Micro Centrifuge and three boxes of test tubes donated by "Biology Sans Frontieres" and I thank you once again for this equipment.
I would also wish to let you know that Jean-Marie Nosal requested a meeting with Doctor Baby,who is in charge of the Blood Bank in Bamako on the 7th December 2012. He met with us for 15 minutes and arranged for us to receive a quantity of blood transfusions. We received the following:
100 paediatric bags, 100 tests for Hepatitis B, 100 Rapid plasma tests, 100 transfusion kits, and a number of HIV tests. The price of a transfusion is currently at 2,500 francs CFA at Sangha.
Our compatriot Jean Marie Nosal, president of the association Via Sahel enfants d'Afrique has assured us that the association will provide funds for the purchase of these transfusions at this price.
Sixty three transfusions have been given in the three months from October to December.
There are three prescribing Doctors at present, two in the commune of Sangha and one in the commune of Ningary.

The situation remains very difficult here in Mali and particularly at Sangha, but we hope for the liberation of the north as soon as possible. We need your support . Mali is one nation, indivisible, and soon we will chase away the Islamistes and Terorists from our land. (INICHEALAH O) We will succeed.
Thank you and best wishes,

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